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Bättre affärer-dagen 14 april 2021

Den 14 april inspirerades vi av gränsöverskridande framgångskoncept och hörde intressanta case om företagande i stark förändring med årets tema: Tillväxt i Öresundsregionen - Möjligheter i en expansiv region.

Detta är Navet

Läs om Navet och vad vi gör, står för samt hur vi arbetar
här i vår egna broschyr! 

The Navet way

In order to successfully carry out complex assignments, a structured working method is required that is quality assured in each step.
Navet work on the basis of three steps: Analysis-Structure-Implementation.

An analysis always takes place in close collaboration with the customer and aims to create a relevant and objective decision basis for the decisions that must be made. The data includes the company's internal data and conditions as well as important external factors, everything from the nature and purpose of the change process.

The structure provides a good overview of the situation and facilitates the decision-making process. Reporting to the customer, which is adapted to the assignment, presents facts and knowledge in an effective and descriptive way.

Implementation, the third step. Here, the entire change process is completed and "activated". The customer receives support and specialist help to succeed at all levels. Navet participates regularly throughout the change process. The team of selected specialists is supplemented, if necessary, with competencies from our network. Thus, we can ensure a professional problem solving, even for the needs that arise during the implementation phase.

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