IT-strategy and education

It can be challenging for a company to design its IT strategy. Through experience and competence, Navet can offer advice on how different systems are chosen and what functions and needs these should cover.

Often, Navet participates in the early phase of developing an IT strategy, including the implementation of a feasibility study and analysis. We manage the entire project implementation, from start to finish. In connection with implementation, togheter with customer's choice, extensive training of our specialized business consultants.

Efter implementering finns vi alltid kvar som en hjälpande hand i din vardag. Vi erbjuder projektledning för kontinuerlig vidareutveckling, löpande support och utbildningsinsatser. Dessutom erbjuder vi rådgivning för att säkra en konkurrenskraftig IT-strategi även för framtiden.

Some of the employees who work in the business area

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