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Our story

The story of our owner-led independent knowledge company has been one of over 30 years of organic growth and good profitability.

It all began in Helsingborg in 1989, when Göran Hellström and a former colleague reconnected after a few years in different areas of the business world. We established a strategy consultancy firm in the Berga Industrial Area in Helsingborg.

The business’s focus was business development, and in the early 90s was more or less dominated by the complex insolvency and business development issues of the time, mainly in the construction and property industries, as well as the financial industry. It was at that time that the Navet platform was established in Stockholm’s financial centre, which is still important to Navet’s business today.

During the 90s, Navet grew organically from a small organisation and laid the foundation for the skills that today underlies its work in strategy insights & consulting, transformations & transactions and modern ERP systems & support.

We were appointed DI Gasell in 2001 and established offices in both Stockholm and Gothenburg in the early 2000s.

In those years, we developed the part ownership model which has since become a very important factor in Navet’s growth, independence and success.

In 2004, Navet became a Microsoft Certified Partner, an accolade we have held onto ever since.

In 2011, we acquired our subsidiary company Industrifakta AB in Helsingborg and established an external board. We also opened an office in Malmö and, in Helsingborg, moved to our current headquarters.


In 2012, our Better Business customer promise was established, and in 2015, it was followed by the Better Business Day, which has since been our annual market event aimed at our customers and decision makers. You can find the entire story at battreaffarerdagen.se.

Navet conducted its first customer survey with Regi in 2013 and has done many more since then. Our average NKI (customer satisfaction index) was reported at just over eight, with our commitment, availability, strategy expertise, delivered business benefit and proactivity receiving top marks.

Since we decided to concentrate our human resources in the south of Sweden in 2014, we have opened offices in Helsingborg and Malmö, and have approximately 55 specialists in different areas of expertise in the region.

In 2015, a new business plan called Navet 2020 was put forward, which lay the path to continued growth and profitability.

The story of Navet as an owner-managed independent knowledge company is one of organic growth and good profitability. We have made money every year, which is a prerequisite for us being able to reliably guide our customers towards better business!

Throughout 2019, we celebrated our anniversary year with lots of different customer and network activities on the theme of better business. Our Malmö office was moved from Börshuset to Gängtappen in Västra Hamnen. It’s a real rush being many floors up!

In 2022, we established a new brand platform that strengthened Navet’s overall range of services and products and increased collaboration so that our employees benefit even further from our shared knowledge and experience. This means that we can provide our customers with better business solutions.