Our story as active business consultants
for more than 30 years!

Our history started in Helsingborg in 1989 when Göran Hellström and a former colleague reestablished contact after a few years in various parts of the business community and established a strategic consulting business in Helsingborg. The focus was on business development and in the early 1990s became relatively dominant in the complex bankruptcy and business development matters of the time, primarily in the construction and real estate industry but also in the financial industry. During this time, Navet's platform was established in Stockholm's financial center, which is still central to Navet's business.

From a very small organization, Navet grew organically during the 90s and created the basis for the competence that is today included in our three collaborating business areas, NAVET Analytics, NAVET Corporate finance and NAVET ERP Systems.

We were appointed DI Gasell in 2001 and established offices in both Stockholm and Gothenburg during the first years of the 2000s.

During the first part of the 2000s, a co-ownership model was established which has since then been a very important prerequisite for Navet's growth, independence and success.

In 2004, Navet became a Microsoft Certified Partner, which has been a very important partnership ever since.

In 2011, we acquired the subsidiary Industrifakta AB in Helsingborg and our current external board was established with Ulf Strömqvist as chairman. Navet also established our first Malmö office in Malmö Börshus and we moved in Helsingborg to our current address at Järnvägsgatan 11.

In 2012, we established our brand platform and our customer promise "Better business". The Better Business Day was established in 2015 as our annual market event aimed at our customers and decision-makers in southern Sweden.

Navet conducted its first customer survey in 2013 with Regi, which was then followed by another customer survey in 2016. Our average NKI was reported at just over 8, where our commitment, availability, strategic competence, delivered business value, proactivity and strategic competence received top marks.

Since we decided in 2014 to concentrate our human resources in southern Sweden, we now have offices in Helsingborg and Malmö with a total of 50 specialists in our three business areas. Southern Sweden is our natural home market. The Group's sales amount to approximately SEK 60 million.

In 2015, a new business plan was presented, "Navet 2020" which paved the way to achieve our vision of being the leading and most respected business consultants in Southern Sweden, well known for contributing to Better business for our customers ".

In November 2015, the premiere of the Better Business Day, which has since then been established as the business community's annual meeting place in southern Sweden. Over the years, very well-known speakers have participated and current topics such as the potential of the Öresund region, Digitization as a natural force, Innovation and Creativity and Constant change, our new state of normalcy. The entire program and all speakers and moderators are available at www.battreaffarerdagen.se.

Our employees are central to our success, where continuity and experience also weigh heavily. The Navet´s business management today includes, in addition to Göran Hellström, Anders Claesson who has been in Navet since 2006, Anna Mildner since 2016, Jeanette Stenberg and Ulrik Szokolay since 2021.

Our story as a business consultant is characterized by organic growth with good profitability. During all these years, we have made money, which is a prerequisite for being able to lead our customers to Do Better Business with credibility!

Our anniversary year 2019 was celebrated throughout the year with several different customer and network activities on the theme "Better business". As usual, our biggest market event was the Better Business Day, which was held on 28/11 at Malmö Live.

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