Navet sustainability policy is value-creating and thus increases our attraction as an employer and supplier. A well-executed sustainability work also increases our ability to deliver customer value and thus creates new business opportunities. Our ambition is for the sustainability perspective to be included in everything we do.

Navet's sustainability policy mainly regulates:

  • Navet in the community – to have a strong foothold in, and be part of the local community and contribute to the supportive purposes of different organizations through money / time and knowledge.
  • Navet's customer responsibility – to conduct the business so that quality and service should at least correspond to and preferably exceed our customers 'expectations and needs and protect our customers' business.
  • Navets's business culture – to have an activity that is characterized by high ethics, a sound remuneration model for employees and a clear distancing from actions that may involve bribery or corruption.
  • Navet as an employer – to promote a way of working where employees are involved and have an influence in the business and that employees reflect the society in which Navet works and have an inclusive culture. The hub will create conditions for a sustainable working life where employees feel good and have energy for both work and leisure.
  • Navet's indirect responsibility – to make demands on our suppliers based on environmental and social requirements.
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